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Exploring the coming world of next-generation Bitcoin mining facilities, with Brian Snyder


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David and Christian bring on a Bitcoin mining Veteran from Bunker Mining to discuss the future of Bitcoin mining.

Brian Snyder is a long time Bitcoin miner. He has been with Bitcoin mining since it’s inception as fledgling industry, to the professional state it’s currently in.

Brian talks about Bunker Minings vision of integrating Bitcoin mining facility with power generation facilities. This match made in heaven allows for a number of beneficial features to miners

  • Lowest electricity production costs possible
  • Diverse revenue sources: Bitcoin mining and selling electricity to the grid
  • Protection from regional politics
  • Bringing beneficial resources to the local community

This was a great perspective to bring to the table. We’re super happy to have had Brian on the episode, and we’re excited to see the future of Bunker Mining bring Bitcoin mining to the United States in a green and equitable way.