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We are Local

Powering the community.

Powering the blockchain.

In Virginia, we’re building a first-of-its-kind crypto-mining operation focused on creating clean, renewable energy resources domestically and distributing it to local communities.

Responsibly harnessing the power of mining

We plan to harness the green energy resources generated with a first-of-its-kind power plant vertically aligned with Bitcoin mining, to distribute power to the communities we’re a part of, as well as power high-density hashing computations for the blockchain.

By the Numbers

the estimated economic return to our local community

the number of times more efficient than an average BTC mining facility


the potential capture of global Bitcoin hashrate in roadmap

the electricity costs savings annually

the amount of plastic removed from ecosystem each year


the amount of energy generated from biomass

the number of revenue sources available to our facility

the estimated cost of electricity to produce one Bitcoin

Vertically-Aligned Benefits

By producing our own power locally, our Virginia facility will not have to foot the bill for the infrastructure and maintenance of the grid at large. Major benefits on local and global scales include:

Resilient, distributed power

Unlike power generation plants, Bitcoin mining facilities are able to be turned off and on at the push of a button. Instead of selling electricity at a loss, our vertically aligned facility will be able to utilize our own produced electricity to its fullest. Our facility can act as a stabilizing influence for the grid.

Creating hundereds of local jobs

Our ambitious vision will require creating hundreds of new and high quality jobs domestically across multiple disciplines and fields. We anticipate to employ over a thousand team members by the end of 2020 and in turn affect revitalization efforts in VA.

Mitigating risk in energy and Bitcoin market

One commonly noted risk in approaching a venture of this scope is the volatile Bitcoin price. Our facility allows us to sustain job growth while running and operating green energy resources, despite fluctuations in energy and crypto markets.

Sourcing, responsible fuels

Repurposing dirty power plants is a smart way to make cheaper Bitcoin, but not a sustainable solution. Our facility has been repurposed to allow us to eventually transition 100% to generating power from biomass (vs. coal). Additionally, our facility has been retrofitted to process other waste into power, such as old tires and plastic chips.

Distressed Power Plants

Retooling For The Future

Vertically Integrated Mining

The Green Future, Now

Resilient Power

Go Viral

Explore the plant

Aligned to our core ethos, we plan to transition 100% from burning coal in favor of using biomass (e.g. animal waste). At that time, the plant will have zero carbon output, which will give the added benefit of not being subjected to any future regulations on the coal industry.

Clean, resilient power

Our commitment to a sustainable future starts with the fuel we use.

Responsible Fuel. This plant initially burned 100% bituminous coal and has since been retrofitted to reduce NOx (oxides from nitrogen) emissions by 30%. Expediently, we plan to transition 100% to biomass (e.g. animal waste, plastics, rubbers) for reasons that have significant impacts on the environment and our carbon footprint.

Resilient Power. Staying vertically aligned and creating our own power allows us to become a stabilizing influence for the grid. We can turn off our miners to supply energy to the surrounding community in times of need and to keep prices stable.

Bunker Mining has ambitions to be the greenest and most advanced power-generating facility in the US.

Vertically Aligned 

Creating our own power makes our operation profitable, stable and reliable across both crypto computations and power distribution.


Building in Norfolk, VA allows us to support the local communities that we’re apart of in multiple different avenues.

Animal Waste

We can affect methane emissions by repurposing animal litter as fuel, and turning that methane into less harmful carbon.


Realizing our vision will require the creation of hundreds of high quality jobs in the Virginia area across multiple disciplines.

Resilient Power

At times of need, our plant will be able to support the surrounding communities’ need for electricity.

Risk Mitigation

Between the energy and Bitcoin markets, price volatility can affect operations. Our nimble model allows us to do what’s most profitable.


China has recently stopped taking in and disposing of the world’s plastic litter. Our facility can use plastics as fuel.

Recycling Energy

Absorption refrigerators recycle heat from the plant and repurposes it to cool down the miners to lower, stable temperatures.

Multiple Crypto Solutions 

While Bitcoin mining is our first priority, our facility will be able to handle a multitude of crypto hashing computations



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We’re thrilled by your interest in Bunker Mining. Receive our most immediate updates as well as early-access to new materials we release by signing up for our newsletters below.


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